Little Ulla


Sat 23rd Dec 2017




45 minutes

Carnegie Hall

01383 602302

Little Ulla is a little goat, she is also the local postie in a cheerful alpine village. It is Christmas time and she is happily delivering Christmas cards to all her friends. Granny Strudel in the sweetie shop is making a Christmas lollipop and is delighted to get a card from her nephew. Mr Sledger in the sledge shop likes playing hide and seek games and is very happy to get a card from his sister. But poor old Mr Hans the clockmaker doesn’t get any Christmas cards. Determined to cheer him up, Little Ulla forms a plan with the children in the audience. They will surprise him by sending lots of Christmas cards to his home in the clock-tower. Strings of cards magically appear from Little Ulla’s postbag and the children in the audience hold them up; giving Mr Hans a wonderful Christmas surprise.

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