The Hills, The Deer and the Stalker

James Rafferty’s photographic exhibition is a meditative walk through the landscape of the Deer and the Stalker. It’s about the days on the hill for the deer and the stalker on a Scottish Highland Estate. The rising before the sun, viewing of the landscape, the observation of the flora and fauna, the rituals of the stalker, in the role of one of the custodians of the land.

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Locations & Times

Cowdenbeath & Lochgelly

FifeSpace at Lochgelly Centre

Monday 3rd Dec 09:00
Tuesday 4th Dec 09:00
Wednesday 5th Dec 09:00
Thursday 6th Dec 09:00
Friday 7th Dec 09:00
Saturday 8th Dec 09:00
Monday 10th Dec 09:00
Tuesday 11th Dec 09:00
Wednesday 12th Dec 09:00
Thursday 13th Dec 09:00
Friday 14th Dec 09:00
Saturday 15th Dec 09:00
Monday 17th Dec 09:00
Tuesday 18th Dec 09:00
Wednesday 19th Dec 09:00
Thursday 20th Dec 09:00
Friday 21st Dec 09:00
Saturday 22nd Dec 09:00
Monday 24th Dec 09:00
Tuesday 25th Dec 09:00
Wednesday 26th Dec 09:00
Thursday 27th Dec 09:00
Friday 28th Dec 09:00
Saturday 29th Dec 09:00
Monday 31st Dec 09:00
Tuesday 1st Jan 09:00
Wednesday 2nd Jan 09:00
Thursday 3rd Jan 09:00
Friday 4th Jan 09:00
Saturday 5th Jan 09:00
Monday 7th Jan 09:00
Tuesday 8th Jan 09:00
Wednesday 9th Jan 09:00
Thursday 10th Jan 09:00
Friday 11th Jan 09:00
Saturday 12th Jan 09:00
Monday 14th Jan 09:00
Tuesday 15th Jan 09:00
Wednesday 16th Jan 09:00
Thursday 17th Jan 09:00
Friday 18th Jan 09:00
Saturday 19th Jan 09:00
Monday 21st Jan 09:00
Tuesday 22nd Jan 09:00
Wednesday 23rd Jan 09:00
Thursday 24th Jan 09:00
Friday 25th Jan 09:00
Saturday 26th Jan 09:00
Monday 28th Jan 09:00
Tuesday 29th Jan 09:00
Wednesday 30th Jan 09:00

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