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Format: 2018
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Ref No. Archive Title Date
FC/CS/7/2/30 Plan of Proposed New Town Hall Pittenweem
GDC/18/83/3/2 Negatives of sport, leisure & recreation, i.e. Institute, Crystals, Bowling Alley, Education ie Schools & Colleges -colour.
A/ACB/2 West End Congregational Church
FC/2 Policy and Resources Committee
GDC/5/172 Developed and Undeveloped Land/ Disposal and Acquisition Plans
FCC/5/7/1 Kirkcaldy District Order 1980
FC/9 Fife Council Social and Community Development Committee
FC/SS/2/1/93 Asset Plan Ordnance Survey Scale 1:2500
A/AEX/1 Minute books of Markinch Bowling Club
A/AEC/3/78 Information leaflets produced by Kirkcaldy District Council for Thornton residents. Leaflet about a proposed waste transfer station and a leaflet about safe food preparation in the home.
DG/D/273 2 Viewfield Terrace, Dunfermline.
A/AAF/40/74/1/2 Receipt for Sir James Campbell of Ardkinlee
H/Str/6/60 Patient files
A/AAF/40/37/5/3 Note regarding supply of water from Lochore.
B/STA/4/2/7 St Andrews Town Council - Rental Ledger
B/Cow/9 Housing
B/W/5/5 Cess/Stent
H/Str/8/8 Photographs of groups in fancy dress taken in the main reception hall of Stratheden hospital.
B/DUN/9/104 Plan showing mileage from Dunfermline to other locations
GDC/20/28/11/4 Approved Plans, Balfarg Inn Proposed Development,
GDC/18/70/4/1 Photographs in a folder divided into: Fife Food Centre Units at Southfield by Tenants. Includes Aerial Views.
A/AQD/2/136 Thornton: copy images
GDC/20/24/2/8 Approved Plans, 5 Over Stenton Farm Cottage, 1990
A/AQR/5 Lealfets and brochures
FC/SS/2/1/5 Asset Plan Ordnance Survey Scale 1:2500
A/AAF/40/98/10 Discharge of account to Richard Nisbot for mason work at Auchmuty.
FC/SS/2/1/57 Asset Plan Ordnance Survey Scale 1:2500
FC/ED/4/170/3/5/3 Photograph of 2 girls and a boy, n.d.
FC/ED/4/144/3 St Monans Primary School other records


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