Fife's Cultural Strategy

Fife is a creative place with vibrant cultural networks. It is confident in its identity and profits from a rich cultural infrastructure that reflects the integral weave between cultural planning and the development of our creative economy, tourism and health and wellbeing.

Steeped in Culture and Heritage, it has a dynamic approach which is firmly rooted by people and place and which is underpinned by its recently reviewed Cultural Strategy.

A report on the previous Cultural Strategy 2011-2013 was completed in 2014 after consultation with Consortium members and it makes for impressive reading.  The data gathered is remarkable and demonstrates that Fife’s public, private, community and voluntary sectors have worked successfully together to increase involvement in, and access to, an expanding cultural life.

Click here to download the Generations of Change Final Report 2014. This report has influenced the review of the Cultural Strategy which was launched in May 2015.

The strategy belongs to, and is reflective of, the needs of all in Fife and is influenced and driven by the Fife Cultura Consortium, a diverse group of 300 members from across its cultural, health, economic and community planning spectrums, with the key purpose of developing a strategic approach to cultural planning across the kingdom.

The reviewed Cultural Strategy highlights 3 key priorities for progression:

1 Engaging with Fife’s Communities

Key actions

  • Align cultural planning to key national and local priorities
  • Recognise the value of creativity as a catalyst for local community engagement & capacity building
  • Increase accessibility to local cultural activity & creative learning

2 Enhancing Lives

Key actions

  • Raise awareness of the impact of cultural activity on health & wellbeing
  • Develop collaborative opportunities which support individuals and families to improve their own health & wellbeing
  • Provide creative & cultural opportunities that encourage communities to strengthen their connections

3 Strengthening and Developing Fife’s Creative Economy

Key actions

  • Strengthen and develop Fife’s Creative & Cultural economy
  • Develop initiatives which nurture creativity, innovation & enterprise
  • Develop and raise the profile of cultural tourism in Fife and monitor its contribution to Fife’s economic growth

It is underpinned by the need to:

  • Develop baselines against which cultural progress can be measured
  • Record and monitor the health & wellbeing and social and economic impact of cultural activity
  • Improve communication mechanisms
  • Marketing & promotion of the strategy
  • Increase local knowledge and confidence of the value of our cultural offer
  • Recognise and support cultural engagement across our diverse communities


Our ultimate aim is that culture in Fife is renowned, valued, diverse and embedded in its people, communities and landscape.


As public sector funding opportunities reduce, and local authorities continue to deliver less provision, the expectations on private, charitable and volunteer led organisations who deliver cultural provision increases year on year.


Fife residents recognise the importance that culture plays in enhancing the quality of life, creativity, wealth and health of our communities and are aware of the importance of being able to articulate this value to funders and decision makers.


We plan therefore to conduct an external evaluation of the strategy over a 2 year period which will gather data from all consortium members, providing clear evidence of the social, health & wellbeing and economic impacts of cultural activity.


You can download your copy here, read a copy in your local library or contact 




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