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Reference No:A/AFP
Title:Two printed books in German that belonged to Lawrence Albert Brooks and a brief account by his son Meic Brooks about how his father acquired the books while he was stationed in post-war Germany.
Extent:2 volumes and 1 document
Description:1. A three page summary by Meic Brooks about his father's war service with 309 Polish Squadron and the Polish Initial Training Unit in St Andrews and Dunino. He worked as a mechanic maintaining Lysanders and Hawker Hurricanes for the Polish air crew. After VE Day Larry Brooks was transferred as RAF ground crew to Detmold to inspect the effect of the Allied bombing campaign. "Whilst stationed in Germany Larry witnessed first hand the destruction and devastation left in the aftermath of the bombing campaign. He was particularly distressed at the tens of thousands of displaced persons and it was with one of these that my father exchanged his food rations for the two books enclosed. He remained reluctant to discuss the horrors he saw whilst stationed in post war Germany and came to realise that there are no winners in any war." Includes scanned copies of: a photograph of RAF 122 Crew at Forward Staging Post in Detmold Germany 20th July 1945; a photograph of Larry Brooks just prior to joining the RAF and a photograph of him during his later life. 2. Deutschland Erwacht Printed book in German published in 1933. 1 volume. A full set of cigarette cards had to be collected to complete the volume. 3. Die tage der nationalen Erhebung Vom 30. Januar zum 21. Marz. Printed book in German published in 1933, 1 volume. The books document the growth of the Nazi Party in Germany.
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