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Sat 12th Nov to Tue 24th Apr 2018

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FifeSpace at Rothes Halls

01592 611101

Two artists have collaborated on this exhibition about their experiences with children who have Autism.

‘He collects books of the same size’ opens at FifeSpace Gallery in Rothes Halls, Glenrothes and runs from 12 November – 22 December. Entry to the exhibition is free.

Gayle Nelson and Fiona McDonald, who are both based in Cupar, Fife, made the work about their respective sons, creating an intriguing exhibition which explores the idiosyncratic behaviours that make the boys who they are. Artworks are in a broad range of formats including sculpture, drawing, and film.

Amongst the artworks in the exhibition is the ‘Triad of Impairments’, a wall installation of drawings and text printed on acrylic panels. Named after Wing’s Triad of Impairments, the work challenges the literature surrounding the Triad of Impairments where emphasis falls largely upon what is lacking, and on what fails to meet normal expectation. Parents who receive a diagnosis of autism for their child may find a focus on what their child will not be able to do, yet the relationship they can have with their child may often transcend this. Other artworks in the exhibition explore the boys’ special interests and the connections between both the boys and their mothers. 

A related event will take place on Saturday 26 November from 2-4pm in the gallery. The event is open to all and parents of children and young people with autism are particularly welcomed. There will be an introduction to the exhibition, opportunity for discussion and a hands on creative activity for anyone to participate in. Refreshments are provided and the event is free.

Gayle Nelson is a graduate of Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design in Dundee. She is the current President of the Society of Scottish Artists (SSA) and was the Director of the critically-acclaimed Cupar Arts Festival. She is the parent of a sixteen year old boy with autism and a Programme Leader in the Support for Learning Department of Fife College. Her work has been shown both nationally and internationally.
Fiona McDonald is a graduate of Gray's School of Art. She is a visual artist and a teacher of Art and Design. She is the parent of a fifteen year old boy with autism. She teaches children with additional support needs and creates picture book resources for young adults with a learning disability.

Autism is a life long neurological condition, often still referred to as a disability. The criteria for a diagnosis of autism are based on impairments in social interaction, communication, and a lack of flexibility in thinking and behaviour. Latterly, the presence of unusual sensory processing has also been taken into account.

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FifeSpace at Rothes Halls

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