Facing Up to Diabetes


Sat 9th Feb to Tue 20th Aug 2019

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FifeSpace at Lochgelly Centre

01592 583367


**Due to unforeseen circumstances, this exhibition  will now finish on Tue 30th April.**


We know that people with diabetes are so used to putting on a brave face that sometimes others don’t realise how serious the condition can be.

To mark our 25th anniversary year, Diabetes Scotland wanted to commission a series of portraits where people with diabetes, or affected by the condition, don’t have to smile as they reflect on the many challenges they face.

Most people in the collection have either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. Others have neither but are profoundly affected by the condition their loved ones have to manage every day of their lives.

Our aim is to illustrate the sheer variety of people, from all ages and backgrounds, among the 300,000 in Scotland who live with the condition and convey the impact diabetes has on thousands more.
Phil Wilkinson www.philwilkinson.net

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Cowdenbeath & Lochgelly

FifeSpace at Lochgelly Centre

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