Each & Every


Mon 16th Jan to Fri 25th May 2018

Dates and times

FifeSpace at Rothes Halls

01592 611101

FifeSpace and FotoSpace Galleries, Rothes Halls

‘Each and Every’ is the second showing of a two-part exhibition that features a selection of works by thirteen graduating photography students from Nanyang Technological University and Edinburgh Napier University.

The exhibition was first showcased in Singapore at the DECK, an independent art space launched in 2014 with a focus on contemporary photographic practice. The work presented shows the rich talent of these emerging photographers and the different approaches to creative imagery that the photographic medium offers. This exhibition will be displayed in both FotoSpace and FifeSpace Galleries and is presented by both Fife Foto Group and Fife Cultural Trust.

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FifeSpace at Rothes Halls

Monday 16th Jan 09:00
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