Dorec-a-belle: Carnegie Hall


Fri 8th Jun 2018


£10.00 + £1 Reservation Fee

2 hours

Carnegie Hall

01383 602302

Dorec-a-belle have been gigging across Scotland for three years in the lead up to the release of their debut album, Listen. The title lives up to the demand – this is a thoroughly enjoyable and superbly crafted collection of songs, equally strong on musicianship and writing. Simple but beautiful melodies are elevated by the exquisite harmonies and unusual combination of guitar, cello, accordion and saxophone.

The genesis is Scottish folk but it veers off in different directions, finding inspiration in blues, country and South Eastern European folk, such as the mesmerising ‘Taken’, a gentle, mournful ballad that is reminiscent of The Be Good Tanyas at their most soulful.”

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