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Auditorium capacity 616 seated with 16+ wheelchair spaces (or 1400 standing)
Main access door 2.7m (width) x 3.5m (height)

Stage size

Modular system enables end-stage, tiered, in-the-round or other configurations on request

Dimensions Maximum depth 28'; Maximum width 48'
Height of Lighting Grid 8m
Height of stage above auditorium floor level 0.75 to 1.20m
Wing space Stage right Variable by layout
Wing space Stage left Variable by layout
House tabs colour Blue
Stage fixed masking Legs, borders black
Dressing rooms 2 small (capacity 4), 2 large (capacity 20)
Laundry Washing machine and tumble dryers, ironing board, iron, 1 sink
Bars on stage  
No 1 Bar Main flown Truss 48' x 24' on chain hoists
No 2 Bar Can be configured to specifications
No 3 Bar Cantata Fresnels, PC and Profiles Source 4 profiles along with Parcan rig
CYC Bar Default rig CAD available on request
FOH lighting  
FOH No 1 Bar FOH Truss configured to specifications
FOH No 2 Bar Usually carries 2K Alto Fresnels and Cantata profiles
FOH boom 1 SL Full cover catwalk system with outlets across auditorium
FOH boom 1 SR  
FOH boom 2 SL  
FOH boom 2 SR  
Lighting Desk 1 Strand 300 series v2.6d lightboard
Lighting Desk 2 Other desks available by arrangement
Dimming circuits EC90 dimmers (120 @ 2.5kW, 24 @ 5kW)
Moving lights 6x Mac 250+ moving heads
LED fixtures  
Effects equipment UV tubes (4 foot)
  Neutron hazer
  Jem smoke
  Fibre optic starcloth and fibre optic starcloth legs x6
Est. total conventionallantern count
  • Theatre type: 70
  • Parcans: 60

2x Selecon Performer MSR 1200 Followspot including 6-colour changer

Located in rear balcony

Temp power available 3 phase 200, outlets on 125, 63 and 32 ceeform
Sound System
Sound desk Midas "Verona" 40-channel desk (analogue)
Speaker system
  • D&B C6 tops x6 (FOH system)
  • D&B C6 subs x4 (FOH system)
  • D&B Max monitors x8
  • Additional C6 available
Outboard rack
  • 4x Samson Dual 31-band EQ
  • 1x Behringer Ultragraph Dual 31-band graphic EQ
  • 1x Visualiser Pro
  • Behringer Gate 2 x4, Behringer Compressor 2 x4 (Multigate Pro and Multicomp Pro)
  • Yamaha Rev 500
  • MP101 CD player
  • Sony Minidisc players x2 (1 x JE480, 1 x JE560)
  • DA20 DAT player
  • 8x Shure SM 58
  • 4x Shure SM 57
  • 3x Beta 58
  • 3x Beta 57
  • CS1000 x4
  • Buls 414 x2
  • Beyer: MC83 x4, 201 x1, TDX50 x2, MC422 x3, others available
  • Radio mics (changing due to radio frequency reallocations - phone for update)
  • Audio visual support is normally available
  • Technical support can be provided for LX, AV, Sound, Followspot and stage crew, please contact for details
  • Radio Microphones by arrangement
  • Tallescopes available
  • 12' x 9' and 8' x 6' front and rear projection screens available

Fully detailed specification sheets including full technical inventory and CAD type files of the lighting grid arrangements are available on request.

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