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Paranormal Activity

Welcome to Paranormal Activity!

This year we have collaborated with some very talented local professionals to provide a programme of exciting work to help celebrate All Hallows Eve but be aware, Paranormal Activity is part of our adults programme and parental guidance is advised for the viewing of the below content. Featuring photography, film, music and storytelling, we hope you'll find something to create some shivers up your spine. Look out for the links on our social media and find links to the exciting Premiere's on our YouTube channel below.

Alongside these exciting pieces for the adults, we've also got a catalogue of amazing content for the kids this Halloween with our Weekends with the Family, Dia de los Muertos celebrations which you can find HERE!


Premiering at 8:30pm on our YouTube channel, Beverley Bryant and Heather Yule are two traditional storytellers and a harp, who bring to their audiences an exciting blend of stories and music. They perform together as ‘Glamourie’, a guid Scots word meaning to cast a spell or enchantment. On All Hallows Eve they will have some tales to tell and you are warmly invited to come along to enjoy them. Everywhere you go in Scotland there are supernatural stories of witchcraft, ghosts, Lairds of the Dark Arts, and all sorts of uncanny things, including the Devil himself! Draw your chair up close to the fire and savour this feast of uncanny tales and tunes, certain to send a few shivers down your spine.


Premiering at 19:15 on 30 Oct on our Youtube channel this enthralling photo exhibition is by Dunfermline based artist Heather Millar who actually works for OnFife in Dunfermline Carnegie Library and Galleries. "Devila" explores territories of the uncanny, folklore and the occult as well as taking influence from local historical with trials. Millar's practice lies somewhere between performance and photography as she is both author and subject of her photographs. Using imagery of the female body in woodland landscapes along with the creation of a haunting atmosphere, she gives the suggestion of a story being told. Taking influence from photographers such as Anne Brigman and Francesca Woodman, she merges the female figure with the surroundings and implements long exposures to produce motion in her stills.

Paranormal Investigator

From 5 times published author and lecturer Leonard Low, comes a thorough and sensible examination of all things haunted. Along with his partner in crime, sound engineer Roger Wilson, enjoy our premiere at 20:00 on our Youtube channel on 30 October. 

Find lots more across our social media accounts - Fife Libraries, Kirkcaldy Galleries and ONFife Virtual LibrarYAY to enjoy our Dia de los Muertos celebrations!

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