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Format: 2021
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Ref No. Archive Title Date
A/AAF/40/85/2/1 Memorandum in relation to Strathore coal.
A/AAF/40/98/8 Note/label 'Instructions of money paid for repairing the house at Auchmouty'
A/AAF/40/72/2/51 number not used
A/AAF/40/81/1/56 Sketch showing 17th century method of draining coal workings down to the level of low water mark.
A/AAK/20 Photocopy of Greenwood's map of Fife showing Ballingry and Kinglassie
A/AAK/21/29 Scanned copy of photograph of Arnot Tower,nd and copy of photograph of Kirk on the Green, Leslie, nd
A/AAF/40/55/1 Leslie family tree relating to Barony of Balquhaine, Aberdeenshire 18th c
A/AAF/39/1/114 Notes on the Sibbald family
A/AAK/21/34 Scanned copy of Cynicus postcared 'The Flyer'
A/AAF/40/73/2/16 Discharge by Lady Jean Leslie and Lady Margaret Leslie, daughters of the deceased Earl of Rothes
A/AAK/21/3 Photocopy of a photograph of the Man in the Rock sculpture, Dysart
A/AAF/40/65/4/2/12 Receipt of John Ballfour, wright, and John Allies
A/AAK/21/20 Scanned copy of photograph of East Prinlaws factory, Leslie, and copy of photograph of Prinlaws Bleachfield, Leslie
A/AAK/21/30 Scanned copy of photograph of Leslie Market (with fair rides and stalls on the Green),nd and copy of photograph of Leslie High Street, nd
A/AAF/40/21/2/3 Memorandum to John Angus.
A/AAF/40/33/2/3 Twenty eight receipts and accounts for tailoring work for the Count and Countess of Rothes and Earl of Haddington.
A/AAK/7 Photocopy of Markinch entries in the Historical Monuments Commission Inventory of Monuments and photocopy of listed building reports for Markinch
A/AAF/40/86/5/4 Account of Robert Craig 18th century
A/AAF/40/65/4/1/1 Robert Boyd for mason work at Calhelvie [?Balhelvie] in Barony of Ballenbreich
A/AAF/39/2/121 Inventory of titles sent by Glenrothes Development Corporation to Messrs Allan, Dawson, Simpson and Hampton, W.S., Edinburgh
A/AAF/39/2/122 Inventory of title deeds referred to in the subjects Over Stenton Farm
A/AAK/25 Newspaper cutting about the Burgh of Leslie
A/AAF/40/74/1/11 Account of payments
A/AAF/39/1/131 Rental of Sibbalds feu
A/AAF/39/1/132 Residue account of the estate of Isabella Sibbald (deceased)
A/AAF/40/72/4 Appeal to Parliament and other legal papers
A/AAF/40/66/4/15 Iron work by Robert Kirkcaldie for David Dunn


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