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Ref No. Archive Title Date
A/AAF/40/42/4 Summary of accounts for expenses incurred travelling from Edinburgh to London and back.
A/AAF/40/72/2/56 Report on a dispute at a meeting of the Commissioners of Supply over the election of a collector and clerk
A/AAK/2 Markinch and Its Environs by Cunningham
A/AAF/40/77/7/1 to be listed
A/AAF/40/65/1/20 Receipt for labour and materials
A/AAF/40/27/1 Table of customs of the markets at Leslie belonging to the Earl of Rothes.
A/AAF/40/77/1 Household vouchers and receipts.
A/AAF/40/41/1 Deeds, etc
A/AAK/8 Photocopy of Official Guide to Markinch and Roundabout
A/AAF/40/61/6/9 Two receipts from Thomas Christie in Leslie, 1750 and 1751. One receipt from John Droumpt (?) in Leslie, 19 April 1751. One receipt from Andrew Inglis in Greenhead 22 April 1752
A/AAF/40/66/3/1/13-end to be listed
A/AAK/3 Notes on Markinch from the Third Statistical Account of 1952 and other local history books
A/AAF/40/74/1/61 Bill of James Andersone in Easter Flisk for freight of Heighem [Higham] bere from Balmebrighe to Perth etc
A/AAF/39/4/75 Draft Copy of Bond of Cash Credit and disposition in security according to small Dwellings Acquisition (Scotland) Acts, 1899 to 1923 in favour of Royal Burgh of Kirkcaldy.
A/AAF/39/4/76 Draft copy of Minute of agreement between Royal Burgh of Kirkcaldy and '2nd party' according to Small Dwellings Acquisition (Scotland) Acts, 1899 to 1923.
A/AAF/39/4/79 Copy of the Feu Disposition by the Governors of George Heriot's Trust in favour of Lawrence Steedman Miller
A/AAF/40/104 Salt pans 18th century
A/AAF/40/91 Coal Economics A contents include Bore journals, Auchmuty, n.d. [18th century]
A/AAF/40/2/2(C) Document in Dutch (unidentified)
A/AAF/40/65/4/2/5 Receipt of John Ballfour and John Allis, wrights
A/AAF/40/72/4/2/1 Discharge of Sir James Campbell
A/AAF/40/58/2 Rough plan labelled Ground Floor 1st Scheme, [Leslie House?]
A/AAF/40/105/1 Drawing and explanation of the water engine for pumping water at the coalworks 18C
A/AAF/40/69/1/1 Contract of John Earl of Rothes and John Mylne for building and repairing Leslie House
A/AAF/40/85/2/2 Estimate of the charge for erecting a wind mill and sinking the engine at Strathore. 18th century
A/AAF/40/49/6/2 Note requesting William Hay to appear as executor of the estate Nelton before the presbytery of St Andrews for the purpose of electing a minister.
A/AAF/40/90 Earl of Rothes Clunie collieries. Contents include coal grieve’s account, Clunie 1752


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