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Ref No. Archive Title Date
A/AAF/40/73 Discharges and receipts 18th century
A/AAF/40/81/4/45 Memorandum anent Cadham bore.
A/AAF/40/49/7/1 Memorial for the Church of Scotland, by the Commissioners of the General Assembly (of 1712) concerning differences in the treatment of dissenters in Scotland and England and the appointment of ministers to inappropriate parish posts. Signed William Mitchell.
A/AAF/40/77/7/1 to be listed
A/AAF/40/37/6 Account possibly for cess and bridge money.
A/AAF/39/1/24 Number not used
A/AAF/40/73/2 Discharges and receipts etc
A/AAF/40/30/10/7 Printed memorandum from the War office regarding officers who wish to leave their commissions and chose who hold a rank in the army superior to date of the commission which they hold in their regiment or corps.
A/AAF/39/1/27 Number not used
A/AAF/39/1/28 Number not used
A/AAF/39/1/29 Number not used
A/AAF/39/4/75 Draft Copy of Bond of Cash Credit and disposition in security according to small Dwellings Acquisition (Scotland) Acts, 1899 to 1923 in favour of Royal Burgh of Kirkcaldy.
A/AAF/39/4/79 Copy of the Feu Disposition by the Governors of George Heriot's Trust in favour of Lawrence Steedman Miller
A/AAF/39/1/32 Number not used
A/AAF/39/4/80 Note of points on which local authorities can give information in connection with purchase of heritable property.
A/AAF/40/75/1 Accounts and receipts
A/AAF/40/73/2/16 Discharge by Lady Jean Leslie and Lady Margaret Leslie, daughters of the deceased Earl of Rothes
A/AAF/39/1/36 Number not used
A/AAF/39/1/37 Number not used
A/AAF/39/1/38 Number not used
A/AAF/40/73/1 Bonds etc
A/AAF/40/42/4 Summary of accounts for expenses incurred travelling from Edinburgh to London and back.
A/AAF/39/1/41 Instrument of Sasine in favour of Mrs Christian Low alias Beath and Mrs Margaret Low alias Greig, and disposition by Mrs Magdalene Low alias Reid and her husband
A/AAF/40/30/4/4 Declaration by the Earl of Rothes appointing a Depute Lieutenant for Fife.
A/AAF/40/41/1/11 Blank page
A/AAF/39/1/45 Number not used
A/AAF/39/1/46 Number not used
A/AAF/39/1/47 Number not used


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