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Format: 2018
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Ref No. Archive Title Date
DG/D/3381 Tennis Club Bothwell Street, Dunfermline.
A/ABS Photograph of three workers at Balgonie Brickworks, Coaltown of Balgonie
FC/ED/4/27/2 Ceres school admission registers
FC/F/1/19 Birth certificates, marriage certifcates etc for former residents of Methilhaven and Parkdale old people's homes and other items from Finance and Asset Management Safe
A/ARB/2/8 [not deposited see admin history 14/14]
GDC/2/163 Personnel Records including Establishment, Conditions of Service Board Members and Chief Officers Salaries, Establishment Structure.
DG/D/3189/B 131 Chalmers Street, Dunfermline-rear of-
FCC/15/12 Balmerino School Board
A/AAO/2/1/20 Thornton Railwaymen Project Oral History Tape Recordings.
GDC/20/28/13/6 Approved Plans, Woodside 47/63 Bighty Ave Shops,
A/ACR/4/1/17 Photograph of A Man Reading
A/AAO/53/1/3/1 Copy of A/AAO/53//3
FC/SS/2/1/104 Asset Plan Ordnance Survey Scale 1:2500
FCC/16/9 Balmerino Parish Council
FC/POS/2/23/2 Rosyth - Ordnance Survey Map
A/AAF/40/82/1/21 Account of meal for the colliers at Cluny.
H/Str/6/80 Patient files
GDC/13/156/7/1 Map of Glenrothes and surrounding area, including Burghs of Leslie and Markinch, architects drawings.
FC/CS/7/3/2/23 Two blank half-year interests warrants for Burgh of Pittenweem.
A/AQD/2/71 Rev Ian Gordon
GDC/16/104/4/12 Airport Approach Lighting System, "Flash Technology".
DG/D/3267 16 Bonnar Street, Dunfermline
A/ABG/5/4 Photograph of Sophia Cox
B/Pi/4 Cash books
A/AAK/21/8 Scanned copy of postcard of Kirk on the Green and war memorial, Leslie and copy of postcard of the Bull Stone, Leslie Green
GDC/18/70/7/6 Photographs - Colour & BW, Landscape - Industrial,
FC/LA/9/1 Provost's Office photographs and other records
FC/SW/3 Children Act 1948 Registers of children and Young Persons under the care of Fife County Council
DG/IC/1/85/A Scotmill Way-Stephen’s Drive, Inverkeithing


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