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Format: 2018
Format: 2018
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Ref No. Archive Title Date
A/AAX/10/5 Letham Police Station occurrence books, complaint books and other records
FC/T/1/13 List and Map of Highways in Fife
A/AAF/40/49/7/3 Letter (author unknown) concerning the threat of the Catholic Church to Protestants.
A/AQD/2/39 Markinch Church: construction notes
GDC/18/169/2/8 The Arts In Glenrothes.
DG/D/3250 5-29 and 20-26 Aberlour Street, 155-253 Admiralty Road, 1-43, 2-28 and 51-57 Findlay Street, 1-19, 2-12 and 45-63 Kings Crescent1-29 and 2-58 Norvall Place, 2-40 Parkside Street, 12-82 and 21-99 Queensferry Road, 2-72 and 29-91 Backmarch Road, 2-36, and 57-65 Kings Place, [Rosyth and Dunfermline]
A/APC/5 Rolled Exhibition panels and mounted photographs borrowed from Markinch Heritage Group for Drop in Day on 27 October 2010 1st century-20th century
FCC/5/7 Legal-see under Kirkcaldy District Order 1980', 'List of Deeds Kirkcaldy and Glenrothes District Councils' and 'Register of Titles'
GDC/20/28/9/4 Approved Plans, Town Centre - 1-23 Lyon Square/Way,
DDC/1/2/5 Dunfermline District Council signed minute book, 1977-1978 part 1 vol. 86
FC/LA/3 Project files etc
A/AQD/2/124 Shythrum Mill: copy image
GDC/20/24/1/6 Approved Plans, Local Government Organization, Electoral Boundaries
FC/ED/4/62 Dysart
DG/D/3299 7-9 High Beveridgewell, Dunfermline.
DG/D/212 86-96 Victoria Terrace, Dunfermline.
DG/D/3554 Bruce Street, Dunfermline
A/ADK/2/2/13 photograph
FC/SS/2/1 Asset Plans showing properties owned by Fife County Council
FC/ED/4/126 Methil Public
FC/SS/2/1/51 Asset Plan Ordnance Survey Scale 1:2500
GDC/24/44 Silver bowl. Source and date gifted unknown.
FC/ED/4/142 St Andrews East End
A/ABG/5/56 Photograph: Louisa McDowell (nee Webster) as a younger woman
A/AAF/40/81/2/13 Command of payment from Margaret Rothes for Alexander Dewar.
GDC/16/131/1/47 Glenrothes Birds, 1948 - 1978, Tom Gray.
A/ACB/2/2 Church meeting minutes
FC/CE Chief Executive, Fife Council
A/AAF/40/83/2/2 Questions concerning the working of salt.
GDC/18/83/5/13 Negatives - Town Art Murals/Underpasses, Town Park, Poetry Slabs, Wheel Sculpture, David Harding, Town Artist.


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