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Format: 2018
Format: 2018
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Ref No. Archive Title Date
FC/SS/2/1/82 Asset Plan Ordnance Survey Scale 1:2500
B/Cow/16/1/47 Stenhouse Road and Hill Street, Cowdenbeath
B/Les/6 Municipal Elections
A/AQD/2/31 Cameron Bridge Distillery: notes
A/AAA/2 Diaries and notebooks
A/ABG/3/55 Water Colour (unsigned) of Scottish Mountain Scene(torn from scrap book)
A/AQD/2/116 Rothmill Quarterly: photocopies
A/ADK/2/2/17 Photograph of Royal visit to Markinch Railway Station
A/AAF/40/72/1/6 Petition of Robert Douglas of Strathendry
A/ADP/2/3 Deed Box 'P.G. Fergusson'
FC/SS/2/1/45 Asset Plan Ordnance Survey Scale 1:2500
B/STA/6/1/14/2 Remarks on Reservoirs
A/AAF/39/1/10 Number not used
H/Str/8/16/6 Concert photographs
A/ABG/5/60 Photograph: Charles McDowall (first cousin of Elsie Gordon and therefore son of William)
B/Cow/16/2/7 Randolph Housing Scheme A type 2 apartment houses floor plan
A/AAF/40/89/1/45 Order from William Hay to David Ireland in Caskieberran, to grant the wife of David Anderson, a collier at Cluny some meal, 'he being unable to work by reason of a sore leg'
A/AAF/40/55/1 Leslie family tree relating to Barony of Balquhaine, Aberdeenshire 18th c
FCC/4 Lochgelly District Council, Fife County Council
FC/ED/4/38/2 Crail Primary School admission registers
A/ARH/4 Newspaper cutting: Linen Weaving in Scotland
FC/LA/13/187 Burgh Yard Commercial Road and Victoria Road, Leven
A/AAF/40/30/5/4 List of officers for the Eastern Regiment.
A/ACR/4/1/9 Photograph of Small Boy Drawing
FC/SS/2/1/100 Asset Plan Ordnance Survey Scale 1:2500
FCC/15/30 Dunbog School Board
H/Str/6/72 Patient files
A/APB/4 Finance books


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