Restore Loom for New Dunfermline Museum

DMAG are currently seeking some volunteers to work with Ian Dale of Angus Weavers on restoring our beautiful 200 year old Dunfermline handloom (with Jacquard mechanism). The loom will be prominently displayed in the new Museum, so your work will be much admired by future visitors!


Ian will be starting the restoration in March 2016 and is looking specifically for 6 strong men (or women!) to help with dismantling and reassembling the loom and 4 ladies (or gents!) with nimble fingers to help with the loom preparation. The loom will be restored to full working order and cloth woven on it. Mainly, however, it will remain static, with a looping audio visual film display lending images, noises and close ups of the loom in operation to give the visitor a memorable experience.

While Ian is in the first instance looking for people for the 'nimble' work who have weaving experience, we would consider that any competent craftsperson used to doing fiddly work will be capable under his instruction.

Provisional dates for the project are :-

  • March 1 - dismantle loom
  • March 15-17 
  • March 21-24
  • April 6-8
  • April 11-14
  • April 18-21
  • May 4-6
  • May 10-12
  • May 16-20 Ian will weave design on the loom
  • June 28-30 - dismantle loom for moving

For more information, please email

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