Creative Industries

'Scotland's creative industries and public sector share an ambition to grow significantly the country's creative industries sector, and to work in partnership to achieve the goals of creating gross value added and employment within the sector.' Growth, Talent, Ambition – The Government’s Strategy for the Creative Industries.

The Scottish Government has identified the Creative Industries as one of seven key sectors for economic growth and this sector has had a deep impact both culturally and economically.

The creative industries sector in Scotland employs some 68,500 people, with more than 13,800 enterprises generating revenue in excess of £3billion per annum. Indirectly it is recognised that the sector boosts tourism by attracting day and overnight visitors adding £1billion and a direct GVA of £280 million. Businesses within the sector come in a variety of forms ranging from social enterprises to charities and profit making companies. The sector is dominated by sole traders, micro businesses and small firms with 98% of businesses employing between 0-49 people and less than 1% employing 250 or more people.

The Scottish Government defines the Creative Industries as those that have their origin in individual creativity, skill and talent. They also include industries that have the potential to create wealth and job creation through the development, production or exploitation of intellectual property. The sector is made of 16 industries:

Advertising                              Libraries and Archives

Cultural Education                  Music

Architecture                             Performing Arts

Computer Games                     Photography

Crafts & Antiques                    Software & Electronic Publishing

Design                                      TV & Radio

Fashion and Textiles                Visual Arts

Film and Video                         Writing & Publishing


Fife is a creative place where creative businesses and practitioners choose to locate themselves because of a strong sense of heritage, tradition, culture and creativity.

We have a strategic approach to work in the sector which is outlined in our Creative and Cultural Industries Strategy. For more information on the strategy go to Fife's Creative & Cultural Industries Strategy.  Our creative economy is a diverse sector including creative and cultural businesses and organisations, as well as individual/freelance artists and practitioners.  The strongest sub-sectors of the area, interms of volume of business/practitioners are the software and electronic publishing sector and the visual arts & crafts sectors.  Writing and publishing is also a substantive sector within the area, with a wealth of designers and printers as well as local newspapers in the region.

Fife Cultural Trust supports the development in the sector in Fife via the Create in Fife network which is a network established to support the sector by providing resources and information about local, national and international opportunities.

For more information on what is available, including collaborative opportunities, creative networks and venue spaces contact Michelle Sweeney, Partnerships Development Manager, Fife Cultural Trust on 01592 583255.





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